Reason 1 to #LikeCanberra

by The Editor

Number 1

Over the last 99 days we have been developing a list of things we like about our little town. The philosophy is simple – it’s those moments of clarity when, doing something routine, you suddenly gain an awareness and an appreciation of your surrounds. We’ve attempted to refrain from commercial enterprises and individuals; rather, the list was intended as a loose examination of the elements that give our city its character.

Now, it’s time for Number 1.


It’s actually you. You’re the best reason to like Canberra, and the reason is simple.

Without you this city would be nothing. You are Canberra’s life, its energy – the blood coursing through its veins. You stood there with Lady Denman at the moment of Foundation, and are here today to watch the sun rise on your centenary.

Last night you played with your family and met with friends down on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. You were a volunteer, an organiser, a performer and a participant. When the fireworks started you looked skywards and your eyes sparkled with colour and light.

One Very Big Day.jpg

You have been here for generations, for years, for only weeks. You studied at our universities, our schools, our day care as you grew taller and more knowledgeable. You’ve played in parks and married in our chapels.

You played sport on the ovals and nursed your injuries in our hospitals prior to doing it all over again. The outdoor options in this green city suit you, only enhanced by the abrupt change in seasons.

You’ve cried in the dark at our theatres and cinemas, moved by the stories and your life so far. At times you have hated, despised and rejoiced in this city – for all it gives and everything it holds back – this town is truly the most frustrating of lovers.

Like Canberra Logo-BLACK600

So, in the end this centenary is not so much a celebration of a city as a tribute to you, Canberra’s beating heart. Be sure to take a moment today, away from the ceremony and drama of yesterday’s spectacular, and instead breathe in this city in all its autumn glory. Let it fill your lungs and inspire your thoughts. Really, today is just another day, but one that presents yet another opportunity to engage, grow and enhance this city.

Have a fantastic Canberra Day.

The final 100 reasons to #LikeCanberra as voted by YOU will be available at the official website from Saturday 16 March 2013