#LikeCanberra? We do! Reasons 20 to 6

by The Editor

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As you are hopefully aware, the #LikeCanberra campaign aims to discover the best the city has to offer. Come Tuesday 12 March – the day of Canberra’s centenary – the official website will reveal 100 best reasons to Like Canberra as voted by you.

Inspired by the concept, when the countdown hit 100 days we decided to muse upon the city’s offerings via reasonably consistent posts on our Twitter account. It’s been a lot of fun so far, with contributions also coming in from some of our readers.

Below you can see the next 15 reasons we have found to #LikeCanberra (the other 50 and 25 can be found be found here and here). Have a look through and see if you agree. We’ll be posting expanded pieces on our top 5 every day until the Number One on Tuesday. Here we go…

Reasons 20 – 11

Frosty, winter mornings – where car windscreens provide yet another use for credit cards!

The fog. As silent as it is dense, or a thin film barely skimming the surface of the lake.

Y plates.

Head in to Garema Place on a Friday night and you might meet a third generation fire-twirler.

We were the only jurisdiction voted YES for a republic in the referendum.

It seems we must also be the national capital of those strange ‘lie-back-and-pedal’ bikes.

In 30 minutes you’re on a mountain trail a million miles away. Waterfalls, flora and fauna abound.

Toy boats at Bowen Park on Lake Burley Griffin.

Those moments on a windy day when a lone windsurfer takes to the lake.

Reasons 10 – 6

This little plaque on Bunda Street marking one of the moments when our city grew up.

Fyshwick, Mitchell and Hume: So eclectic you can buy a hammer, a nail or, um… a screw.

St John’s Church on Constitution Ave. What it lacks in ‘grandeur’ is made up with ‘gorgeous’.

The great paradox: it’s so easy to get around, yet so hard to find your way.

Upon returning from Sydney at night, Telstra Tower’s red beacons provide one’s guiding light. (Ping @carlajd1)