A Public Puzzler – Cryptic Clues at Questacon

by The Editor


Sometimes it;s amazing what pops up in our mailbox.  More interesting is the sheer amount of interesting ideas that permeate through our rather sophisticated little city. Yesterday we were surprised to learn about a public piece of code that is set to pose a problem for amateur code beakers across the country.

So, what is this all about? More interestingly, will we ever know?

Questacon NKRYPT launch - Monday, 4 March 2013

As it turns out, we should be able to discern some, if not all of what the puzzles are hiding. The NKRYPT display is a series of eight stainless steel poles that have been installed in the forecourt of the National Science and Technology Centre (Questacon). Opened on Monday by Senator Kate Lundy, Senator for the ACT, we are told the codes range from the relatively simple (that even your average blogger may even be able to solve!) all the way to a highly complex example whose solution may never be found.

Questacon NKRYPT launch - Monday, 4 March 2013

The beauty is that the codes were all developed without complex computing, so therefore should be able to be solved in the same manner. More interestingly, the codes, once solved, offer hints to solve others in the set – once even refers to the centenary of Canberra, with Questacon offering a prize to the cryptographer who first manages to solve that particular poser.


So, this weekend if you happen to be wandering through the Parliamentary Triangle partaking in one of the myriad of events that will take place over the Centenary weekend, be sure to wander up and test your mettle against this wonderfully playful and insightful display.