The Weekend Cometh: 1-3 March 2013

by The Editor

Happy Friday

Wow.  So, much going on in the coming weeks as we kick off autumn (what – there was a summer?) it’s hard to know where to begin. The majority of high profile activities happening over this weekend revolve around the opening of the Enlighten Festival.  Mind you, there are a couple of smaller, independent affairs that are equally likely to capture your attention.


Cinema’s Golden Summer

If you were born before the early 70s you remember black and white television. The 80s? You probably got excited when SBS commenced broadcasting. If you were born in the 90s, well… you can take your internet and 50 inch televisions and shove them up your ah, so…

…this weekend we have the Silent Film Festival hosted by the ever tasteful Arc Cinema at the National Film and Sound Archives. Take a trip down the memory lane of your great-grandparents and imagine what it must have been like to marvel at the moving image. The good news is the selection will highlight the strength of storytelling that drove films without dialogue. Incredible! Come-on, you’ve seen The Artist, now experience the artistes.

Free – $11.00
23 February – 9 March
National Film and Sound Archives, Barton

Knightsbridge Penthouse Soiree

Knightsbridge Penthouse Cocktail Soiree

One of the picks from our recent feature on the best of Canberra’s late night spots in The Canberra Times, Knightsbridge Penthouse maintains a youthful verve. Tonight sees a change of wardrobe for ‘Knighty’ as she drags out a fur stoll, dons a pair of long gloves and kicks up her cashmere-lined heels to welcome in the cooler months.  The flavours will move from fruits to spices as fashion-forward punters retreat from the elements in search of something to warms the cockles.

As usual there will be live music to ring in the change of season.  To get you in a libatious mood, let’s start with the jazz stylings of the Phil Jenkins Trio (ra-ther) combining in a truly free-form manner with the bar staff as they host the last barbeque of the season.  Come the darker hours, regular DJ darling Princi will be playing up a storm from behind the decks.  You’ll have so much fun as to likely lose complete track of time and find yourself wandering down Mort Street with a Macca’s burger in your hand while watching hot air balloons waft overhead.  Hey, it happens.

Free entry
$10.00 new season cocktails from 6.00-8.00pm
Facebook Page

Henry4_570x5320Henry 4

Is it just us, or does it feel like every time you drive around Vernon Circle there is a banner hanging off the side of Canberra Theatre promoting the latest John Bell masterpiece?  Such is the productivity and longevity of this antipodean thespian it sometimes seems John Bell has always been in our lives. Certainly that is no bad thing.

Not happy to rest of his caesarean laurels, this time we are presented with a abbreviated version of Shakespeare’s two plays on King Henry IV.  Bell is back onstage in this production, claiming for himself one of the most sought-after roles ever written by the bard: Falstaff. Truly a delight to play, we expect John to lap up the opportunity in classic style. The reviews to date have been outstanding. This is one of the highlights of Enlighten Festival. Grab yourself a ticket via the link below (if there are any left).

For the purists among you who would prefer to see the Henry plays in their entirety, it pays to remember that longer is not necessarily better (ahem!).

Well, you only have to look at ‘The Hobbit’.

$33.00 – $72.00
Canberra Theatre
23 February – 9 March

Dinner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc

How incredible that something almost no one in Canberra had heard of twelve months ago has become the hottest ticket in town. “Did you get an invitation?” ask curious hopefuls looking to find a guaranteed pass to the unknown.

Certainly the strategy has worked.  Come tomorrow evening, as another part of the Enlighten Festival, a collection of hand-picked and early-subscribing diners will find their way to a mystery venue, cast a nervous eye to the skies and realise that wearing white has become a much greater commitment than they might have gambled.

Regardless of whether the weather gods are kind, this is a sure-fire hit that will ensure incredible demand next year.  Oh, and the photos will be a-maz-ing!

Somewhere in Canberra
Saturday 2 March
Tickets? Who knows?