Us Folk – First Birthday and Fourth Issue

by The Editor

However, almost a year ago, that’s exactly what photographer Ash Peak and graphic designer Juliette Dudley did. Now, 12 months and (almost) four issues later, it’s time to celebrate the incredible achievements of Us Folk magazine.

The fact that the magazine exists at all is a miracle in itself, so fraught is the publishing industry. However through a collaborative approach and clever, grass-roots marketing, Us Folk appears to be gaining a foothold. This can be put down to the way the magazine has developed in its short history (The fourth issue is released next month). Without the pressure of a monthly release, it appears the publishers have been keen to enact lessons learned from one issue directly in to the next, therefore clearly improving the quality of subsequent releases. The future certainly bodes well.

Us Folkc - Issue 4 Launch Poster

The gang is celebrating their first anniversary with a soiree at La de Da bar in Belco on Friday 15 March. We highly recommend you get on down, pat the team on the back, grab a nibbly and a glass of something refreshing and watch the party unfold around you.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a copy of Issue Four!