The Weekend Cometh: Friday 22 – Saturday 24 February

by The Editor

Keep Calm and TGIF

Here we go again.  Got Friday on your mind?

Plenty of stuff going on this weekend from jewellery though to film making, and polyester shirts. As ever, the options are varied and numerous – but that’s the beauty of living in Canberra.

Let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

canberra vintage 2013

There’s the annual Vintage Canberra event at Albert Hall. Go and check out the grand old dame as she plays hostess to a wide range of collectibles from the 20’s through to the 80s. The fashions should be fun, as stallholders and customers alike grab items off the racks to buy and sell. A flapper dress matched with shoes from 1982?  Sure, fill your (moon) boots! There’s even a prize for best dressed as decided by a roaming ‘mystery judge’. Further details are available here.

(Adults $12.00)

Paul Krix by Charlie White

Paul Krix by Charlie White

Local computer programmer and jewellery designer Paul Krix will host the final of the Young.Hot.Canberra artist talks at the Gallery of Australian Design on the Foreshore. Having attended these talks, we can guarantee they are a wonderfully intimate way to explore an artist’s techniques and ideas with an eye very much on the future. This is certainly your last chance, as the exhibition itself finishes on Sunday. Paul’s talk is at 11.00am on Saturday. Kill two birds with one stone and get on down. Directions and details are here.



Light! Canberra! Action! has been around a few years now, and has developed a reputation for being one of the most energetic film festivals. Contributors are given a list of ten essential items to be included in their movies – with their finished works submitted for judgement 10 days later. Incredible really, given it takes Harrison Ford longer than that to get his make-up done these days.

This year’s theme in keeping with the Centenary is Meeting Place. The list of special items will be revealed in the Reception Room of the ACT Legislative Assembly at 6.00pm tonight (Friday 22 February), so head on down to watch a bunch of budding directors all freak out at the same time. Cheap entertainment if ever there was. Details here.


And, of course, then there’s The Canberra Show.  Um…yeah.

Alternatively, you could just get drunk. This week we worked with Jenna Clarke from The Canberra Times to pick the drinking hotspots for newly arrived grads (and long term toilers!). Here are the highlights:

Hippo Bar (upstairs  in Garema Place)

Forget the sign that says ”Lounge Bar” – the Hippo is more like a  speakeasy. Dark lights, jazz and burlesque are on offer. Performing arts meet  crafted-cocktails in this late-night den of earthly delights. It’s a cloud of  serenity above the morass of the city.

Knightsbridge Penthouse (Mort Street, Braddon)

The furniture is as eclectic as the crowd. Expect an impeccably well-dressed  clientele who put a lot of effort into showcasing what you’ll be wearing in six  months’ time. Still, the ”Knighty” avoids pretentiousness thanks to its  friendly bar staff and multiple spaces within which to find your comfort zone. Think delicious cocktails garnished with post-industrial ”chic”.

Kennedy Room (Kennedy Street, Kingston)

The one-stop-shop for those southside revellers who were lucky enough to jag  that 12-month lease in Kingston or Manuka. The Kennedy Room moves seamlessly  from afternoon pub atmosphere to elegant dining to a kick-up-your-heels  dance-floor. Before you know it, you’ve been there for hours and made a bunch of new friends who may include press secretaries and other political heavyweights  during sitting weeks.

Transit Bar (Akuna Street, city)

Truly subterranean in location and style. Catch your favourite up-and-coming  DJs and bands before they get famous and sell out. The karaoke is a must-do and the pool tables hold a steady crowd (of snooker players not stripper wannabes  dancing on the felt). The Transit Bar is a one-size-fits-all kind of place that  really is ”all about the music, man!”

The Hyatt Hotel (Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla)

The original Canberra Hotel is the perfect late-night venue for a small party  (of two). Relax in the expansive foyer, flag down a classically-dressed staff  member and ask for a martini or Champagne to be delivered to your seat. The art  deco palace, which has hosted more heads of state, rock stars and dignitaries than any other venue in Canberra, also serves the city’s best nightcap. During summer, they serve Moet & Chandon in the courtyard (remember it’s pronounced  ”Mo-et” not ”Mo-ey”).

Mooseheads,  London Circuit, Civic

For the nights when all you want to do is forget the week where you learnt  the acronym of every department in the Australian Public Service, this is the only place to go. Book a cab and do not wear shoes that cost more than  $39.95.

Shots of sticky liquor, every Rihanna song ever made and flesh as far as the  eye can see. This Canberra institution is famous for its student crowd and could be classified somewhere between Coyote Ugly and Girls Gone  Wild. Before getting ”loose at the Moose”, Playground and Soju Girl are the places to enjoy a substantial and  sophisticated tipple before you are overcome with a need to dance like a Pussycat Doll, hug a stranger and tell people you love their outfit while you wait in line for the bathroom.

If that all sounds too overwhelming, head to Galaxy inside the Casino. Disclaimer: only enter if frosted glass windows with glow-in-the-dark stickers and a juke box are your thing.

(via The Canberra Times)