Enlighten Festival 2013

by The Editor


February is a tricky month – January has whizzed by in a heady mix of barbeques and public holidays.  Suddenly, it’s February and, once you’ve finally got a handle on the year to come, you look at the calendar and think ERMAGHERD!!! I haven’t bought tickets to ENLIGHTEN!!!

For shame!


It all started quietly in 2010. The following year Enlighten came sprinting out of the blocks filled with ambition and a new take on museums and performance art in the capital.  In 2012 – emboldened by the surprise success and interest in their original outing – organisers went out even harder with a fascinating and challenging program. Unfortunately, heavy rains tainted the outdoor events and lowered numbers to those indoors.  Still, there was very clear support, so it is with the tradition of previous years Enlighten is back to thrill and challenge us all.

Dance?  Definitely. Comedy? Come join in. As in previous years the mix in contains visiting performances and access to some of Canberra’s most recognisable buildings where you may see some existing exhibitions in a new light, or reinvented as a speakeasy or a one-off dining experience. We’ve already written about Diner en Blanc (if you haven’t got your registration in, we wouldn’t wait too much longer!) but much, much more is happening.

Atoms... lots of deliciious atoms...

One that caught our eye for its heady mix of brains and booze is a talk by the Nobel Prize winning ex-Canberra Resident and astrophysicist Professor Brian Schmidt.  Brian will be taking the audience on a journey through the universe within a glass of wine from his very own vineyard.  Sound intriguing? Tickets to Prof Schmidt’s talk are available here.

There’s a multitude of other events on offer. Jazz in the Australian Mint’s strongroom?  Sure. Why not?  Besides, the options are almost endless.  It all starts next Friday, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Enlighten Festival
Friday 1 March – 9 March 2013
Various venues around Canberra
Free – $90.00