Dress Circle – Steve

by The Editor

Steven Headshot BW

Well, a very Happy New Year from Dress Circle. Sure, it may be a bit late to be saying that, but we’ve been on extended leave whitewashing the walls, cleaning out the weeds and prepping up for a big 2013.

It’s a pleasure to be back – made even more so by the discovery of the delightful Steve.

Steve seemed like a very adventurous and open-minded guy who was more than happy to pose for our camera. He thought it was a great idea and felt special for being chosen as one of the most fashion conscious and stylish men around Canberra. Awww!

Steve had the day off so he was wearing something more casual and summery, which is what attracted our attention. Men often don’t wear a lot of colour, so when we see a gent who plays around with bright colours and clearly puts some thought into his outfit, it brings a smile our faces.

The peach coloured T-shirt really suited Steve, and together with his belt, rolled-up jeans and casual sneakers, it gave him a complete look – the look of a relaxed and confident ‘Mister Cool’.

Thanks Steve!

2013 0219 Dress Circle - Steve