#likeCanberra? We do! Reasons 49 – 21

by The Editor

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Well, sooner than you think we will be at the big day – the Centenary of Canberra on March 12 2013.  It’s frightening (but exciting) to think just how quickly it has come around.

As you may be aware, the #LikeCanberra campaign to discover the best the city has to offer has had incredible uptake.  Inspired by the concept, when the countdown hit 100 days we decided to muse upon the city’s offerings via reasonably consistent posts on our Twitter account. It’s been a lot of fun so far, with contributions also coming in from some of our readers.

Below you can see the next 25 reasons we have found to #LikeCanberra (the first 50 reasons can be found here).  Have a look through and see if you agree.  We’ll be keeping it until the big day on 12 March 2013.

In the meantime, why not head over the official site at www.likecanberra.com? Voting closes in nine days, so be sure to peruse the shortlist enter your thoughts to help us all discover what we like best about the bush capital.

Reasons 49 – 40

That Barry Drive will take you to Bruce. Such a shame there’s no Sharon Circuit to Charlene.

Constitution Avenue is home to the most obvious building for the most secretive agency.

Reaching the top of Mount Ainslie where the magic of the Griffin Plan is startlingly clear.

The Sydney and Melbourne Buildings. Stoic stalwarts in the centre of the city.

Random sights this morning:
1. A man in army camouflage driving a convertible BMW
2. A peacock

Canberra Croquet Club on Commonwealth Avenue. Quaintness and alliteration combined. pic.twitter.com/nXcj5qZf

The National Arboretum. Absolutely Canberra’s latest wedding venue. ping @NatArboretum

The restaurants and supermarkets of Dickson. Truly a foodie’s paradise.

The Hyatt Hotel. What other capital city’s premier hotel is only two stories high? pic.twitter.com/pX84ges6

Passengers say ‘thank you’ when alighting @ACTIONbuses


Reasons 39 – 31

The TURN OFF ENGINE WHEN STOPPED sign in the State Circle tunnel. Utterly hilarious overstatement.

The Stromlo Forest Park cycling complex – the perfect addition to a bike-mad city. Giddy-up!

Early morning anglers on the shores of LBG. Pure optimism in the face of adversity (read: carp).

Driving up Black Mountain or Mt Ainslie and refusing to peek at the view until reaching the top.

Brutalist architecture – be it the High Court, @NatGalleryAus or half of Belconnen Town Centre.

International Food on a Stick Day (a.k.a The National Multicultural Festival).

Playing guess-the-country when a visiting dignitary’s flags fly.

The pealing bells of the Carrillion floating across the waters of Lake Burley Griffin.

Wandering the care-free and (almost) car-free green spaces of the ANU.


Reasons 30 – 21

The milk cartons come with cow spots, therefore making breakfast awesome for 20 years.

Every second Thursday half the population celebrates a moment of sheer relief known colloquially as ‘payday’

Walking up Anzac Parade pre-dawn once a year. Monuments loom in the darkness, and the only sound is footsteps

Hot air balloons. Not just the sight, but the sound as burners roar to life in search of altitude.

Those little blue signs in the suburbs that stand at street corners saying ‘Shops’. (Thanks @canberracino !)

Ninety minutes ’til boarding – be it on surf or snow.

Freaking out guests with a surprise trip to Cockington Green.

The fleeting frustration of delay as a police escort ushers by dignitaries, presidents or royals.

Sydney Avenue:  grand, broad, short and apparently leading nowhere.

The old, brown, wooden signs declaring suburb names; small in scale – blistered by decades of heat and frost.