FashFest – The Mystery Continues

by The Editor

FashFest F

Last night the organisers of Canberra’s impending FashFest were busy with Form Haircutting photographing models in an underground carpark.  How do we know this?  Well, as series of photographs appeared online via the @fashfest Twitter account (see images after the jump).  Clearly activity is building prior to the shows that are scheduled to occur in early May, we just seem to know where and how.  Hmmm…

All this subterranean activity is as mysterious the project itself.  There are a few more bits and pieces on the event’s Facebook page – but there is very little detail.  Still, judging by the efforts being put into the shoot for the television commercial, it looks like a thorough and professional operation.

One can only wonder what is taking shape – perhaps when the ad makes it to Canberra television screens we’ll know a little bit more!  Until then, we’ll stay ‘tuned’!

FashFest TVC 1

FashFest TVC 2

FashFest TVC 3

FashFest TVC 4

FashFest TVC 5