The Longest Bubbly Bar – Centenary Eve on the Lake

by The Editor


Ainslie Griffith, senior marketing manager at Canberra 100, looked longingly out the window. She was enduring an endless brainstorming session on activities for next year; a whiteboard filled with coloured lines, boxes and scrawl recorded every detail of the ideas developed to date.

Ainslie sighed and glanced at her watch. It was now 4.15pm on a Friday, and all she could think of was that as soon as this meeting was over she would be able to get out into the sunshine and sink a couple of glasses of well-earned bubbly with her girlfriends.  Then, all of a sudden…



Okay, so it didn’t quite happen like that, but someone certainly had a Eureka! moment when suggesting the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin at Commonwealth Place be turned into one long bar on the evening of the centenary.

Even more so, when considering the link with the recently released Centenary Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvee developed by a group of local winemakers to mark Canberra’s biggest year. Also, with live music and roaming performances, it should be quite the soiree down there on the water’s edge. Hopefully Mother Nature will bestow upon us a balmy autumn evening as we wait for the fireworks to begin.

Conveniently, the organisers have a few different options for the evening with something to suit everyone’s budget and/or tolerance (our interpretation in parentheses).

Short stay (dabblers): $15
Receive one glass of Centenary sparkling and a selection of tapas upon arrival. Session is 45 minutes.

Long stay (the revellers): $25
Receive two glasses of Centenary sparkling and a selection of tapas upon arrival. Session is 1.5 hours.

Premium (the Bill Heffernans): $35
This sitting takes place during the finale fireworks at the end of the evening, so guests are in prime position for the show. Receive two glasses of Centenary sparkling and a selection of tapas upon arrival.

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  Especially given the bar becomes ‘cash-only- after 9.30pm and everyone can jump in to enjoy the night-time spectacular with a glass of bubbles in hand. Tickets are available from Ticketek and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

For those keen try try more than one or two glasses of tipple, the Centenary bubbly – as well as a Riesling and Shiraz – are available for $30 – $35 via the Canberra Wines website, and delivered via Australia Post or collected directly from Pankhurst Wines.  These should sell out, so get in quickly.  Otherwise, with whatever is left over, we propose the winemakers develop a 2014 Charnwood Chateau Cardboard.