Loved up or Footloose? Valentine’s Options for All

by The Editor


Whether you greet the occasion with a sense of cynicism, romance or repulsion, there is no doubt Valentine’s Day provides a clear and present reminder of what we should be (or aren’t doing) with our lives.  While couples across the cities may be cosying up to their significant other with a belly full of wine and a head full of naughty ideas, others may prefer to celebrate their wonderful independence by avoiding restaurants filled with tables for two.  Whichever side of the fence you fall on, we’ve got you covered.

Lair of Opulence


Hippo Bar (Couples and singles)

For those who were there a couple of week’s ago to witness the wonderfully sexy Lair of Opulence burlesque show know the kind of spectacle to expect. On Thursday, Sarina del Fuego presents Blue Valentines  – an evening of performance destined to get your motor running regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or on your own.  Tickets start from around $17.00 and are available from here.  The show starts at 7.00pm.

02 6257 9090


Elk & Pea/Knightsbridge Penthouse (Couples and Singles)

Nothing special for Braddon’s favourite night-time haunts.  Rather, if you’re in for a quiet and casual couple of drinks or a rather snazzy dinner you can take your pick between the bar and restaurant.  As there is nothing special occurring at either venue, don’t be surprised if you spot a couple getting a bit sexy, or a lone ranger out looking for some loving.  It could be the best option for everyone!

6162 0222

T&G Interior

Tongue and Groove (Couples and Singles)

T&G has released its Valentine’s Day menu especially made for the evening. While this sounds overly romantic, the offerings provide for groups of two or larger – so there’s no need to be shy of getting together a bunch of single friends and going out for a fun meal.  The presentation of a free glass of vintage Chandon on arrival raises the tone to assist in the sense of occasion and you can see the full offerings available here.

6230 4455


Playground (singles)

Playground Bar is taking a typically cheeky approach to events on Thursday night with a flyer making it perfectly clear their bar will be a couple-free zone.  We love the no-holes-barred approach to the occasion, simply saying F#@%!! VALENTINE’S DAY.  The way they make Valentine’s Day an economic argument is a wonderfully unromantic notion.

Playground Valentine's Day Flyer



The Ginger Room (Couples and Singles)

More of a party to celebrate the love of your partner or the company of friends, The Ginger Room is putting on a DJ in the Old Parliament House Courtyard for a few hours on Thursday night in order to raise your spirits for the night to come.  They’ve even borrowed a phrase from the most sage of television shows, Sex and the City:

If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you… your friends.

Alternatively, you can head for the comfort of a candlelit dining room and look lovingly across the table at your date.  They’ve got everything covered.