Autolyse – Braddon’s Latest Bakery

by The Editor

Old Baker

Autolyse is an optional dough process. It refers to a period of rest after the initial mixing of flour and water, a rest period that occurs sequentially before the addition of yeast and other ingredients.

So, what does this mean for the little post-industrial suburb of Braddon?

Well, it seems Autolyse is a bakery that is making its way down from the mountain to the fixie-riding, quinoa-munching gentlefolk of the inner city.   For the last couple of years Darren Perryman (First Floor) and Micky Gubas (Alto) have developed a nice little earner in some of the vacant space within the lower sections of Telstra Tower.  With sales building, namely through IGA Ainslie shops and Supabarn stores, the Autolyse brand is about to debut its very first shopfront.

This seems a cunning move, with the only real competition coming from long-established Cornucopia Bakery.  A Braddon institution, Cornucopia is known for making pastry so intense you can almost feel the butter pumping through your arteries.  A bit of competition is always a good, thing, but it will be interesting to see what Autolyse can provide a suburb with an almost impossibly discerning clientele.

The set-up will be right next door to the recently-opened Elk & Pea restaurant – barely a tossed bread roll from the Lonsdale Street Roasters’ takeaway site and the Lonsdale Street Traders building.

Perryman is confident he and Mickey will fling the doors open by the end of March.  The smell of freshly baked bread is easily one of the most comforting smells a human being can experience, so it looks like Lonsdale street will soon become even a better place to be.