Ca va? Kava? It’s the National Multicultural Festival!

by The Editor

Multicultural Festival Logo

Fittingly, there is a lot of excitement around town for the Centenary of Canberra on 12 March.  That’s all well and good, but every Canberran who has been here at least 12 months knows that the greatest time in the nation’s capital is today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Happy International Food on a Stick Day to you all.

Yes, that’s right. Tonight sees the launch of what the more formal of us know as the National Multicultural Festival.  Truly, this three day spectacular is without peer.  At what other time are you welcome to trawl Garema Place with a cold beer in one hand, some barbequed, skewered, dripping meat in the other and a greasy smile for each of the 500 people you will know who are out and about doing the same thing?

Simply put, it’s the best public event in Canberra.

We suggest that you give the beer from the Macedonian tent as much attention as you can, simply so the line is shorter for us at the Polish tent. Ah, the Polish tent: ground zero for the international beer hound; where the dedicated buy a beer so they have something to drink while returning to the back of the queue to order the next can.

Or, you could grab yourself a Kaszanka instead, but let’s face it – you’ll probably just drink a beer.

What’s more fun than that?  Easy – heckling the people who (for some baffling reason) continue to line up for food from the Subway.  What madness!  Why would you when there’s satay and gozleme and kebab and strudel and every other bloody thing you could imagine eating.

Gurrumul will take the stage on Saturday night

Gurrumul will take the stage on Saturday night

Traditional dress, dance and music create the visual and aural landscape within which to wander  to all corners of the globe.  So, get and there and get amongst it.  The National Multicultural Festival is chaotic, noisy, convivial celebration consistent with our humanity. Congratulations to all those involved in putting on the festival this weekend – be they organisers, stall holders, performers or volunteers.  A very grateful city sends its thanks to you all.

Have a great time.

The National Multicultural Festival
Friday 8 – Sunday 10 February 2013
Garema Place and beyond.