Diner en Blanc – A Worldwide Movement Comes to Canberra

by The Editor

Dinner en Blanc

The trick of hosting a good dinner party is bringing a bunch of people together who – while strangers at first – finish the evening wiser, happier with a few friends more than the beginning of the night.  On 2nd March 2013 as part of the third edition of Enlighten Festival, Canberrans will have to opportunity to test this theory en masse.

The location will not be a dining room or hall, rather, Diner en Blanc specialises will utilise what is now commonly called a ‘pop-up’ venue.  Effectively it’s a location unknown to guests until the evening of the event.  If you grew up in the 90s, you may have once called this a ‘rave’.

However apart from the lack of amphetamines, pseudo-psychedelia and 40,000 watts of speakers, the difference between this more refined affair and a rave is the dress code.  Rather than Super Mario regalia and dust masks (seriously – we checked!)  as the name suggests this modern incarnation involves diners and tables dressed totally in white. It’s all rather lovely, darling!


While originating in Paris almost 20 years ago, last’s year’s debut event in New York saw 31,000 join the dinner and waiting list.  The reputation of Diner en Blanc for attracting exciting and interesting diners is legendary and, given the wealth of experience and education in this town, we can see some fascinating conversations over a glass or two of, well, sauvignon blanc.

Registrations are now open via the official page, while further info can be found at the event’s Facebook Page.  Grab your best white dress or most dubious white suit as well of your sense of adventure.  This will be a unique and and fun event.

Diner en Blanc
Location: unknown
Saturday 2 March 2013

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