#LikeCanberra – Our Countdown from 99 to 50

by The Editor

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In case you’ve had your radio, television and computer switched off for the last year or so, 2013 is the Centernary of Canberra. When the countdown hit 100 days, we decided to muse upon the city’s offerings via reasonably consistent posts on our Twitter account. It’s been a lot of fun so far, with contributions also coming in from some of our readers.

Below you can see the first 50 reasons we’ve found to ‘like Canberra’.  Have a look through and see if you agree.  We’ll be keeping it until the big day on 12 March 2013.

In the meantime, why not head over the official and revamped site at www.likecanberra.com.  There’s only a month to go until voting closes, so be sure to peruse the shortlist and help us discover what we like best about the bush capital.

Reasons 99 – 90

That little wooden bridge on the lake near Government House.

The cafe in the Department of Climate Change is called ‘Emissions’.

Bright, sunny WIND-FREE days!

Children climbing on sheep sculptures.

The Sydney-Melbourne rush hour. http://t.co/EZpe8MtF

The changing shades of Lake Burley Griffin.

The local photography scene. (via @timdoeswell ) http://t.co/fLGCKlnL

A chicken schnitzel at Caphs. Don’t go changin’!

A light rain of skydivers as you drive down Adelaide Avenue.

Old, round concrete bus stops.

Reasons 89-80

@CanberraMemes They’re wonderfully culturally specific.  https://t.co/zDOeRc62

Stage 88!  From Tropfest to Elton to awesome DJs. Is there anything our little stage can’t do?

Bugs Bunny!*  (a.k.a. The Australian-American Memorial)

Paddle boats!

Art Deco ‘cool’ down at Manuka Pool.

Despite the tizz over Zara, our designers, boutiques, stylists and photographers are AMAZING.

ACTION bus drivers wearing Santa hats.

The giant goon bag in Garema Place. (courtesy of @dawsonrachelle )

The Lawns of Manuka. Good food and some green space.

Quiet roads. Happy Christmas!

Reasons 79-70

Orange-leaved inner city avenues in Autumn.

Looking down Dunrossil Drive towards Government House.

Cool spray from Captain Cook Fountain on a windy day while crossing Commonwealth Ave bridge.

Suburbs with themed street names. Explorers? Cities? Indigenous groups? Take your pick!

Weddings in the Old Parliament House rose gardens. Happy New Year!

Kayaking from the eastern end of Lake Burley Griffin.

Feeding the swans and ducks at Bowen Park near the old Brodburger site.

Forrest and Ainslie: where streets meet at crazy angles.   Thank you Mr and Mrs Griffin!

A Darwin-sequence storm to cool off yet another true summer’s day.

Rosellas flitting through the suburbs.

Reasons 69-60

Resilience and sense of community after the 2003 bushfires – a city making the best of the worst.

That there is a section of the Berlin Wall outside the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah!

The new lights at Manuka Oval. The grand old girl improves with age.

Perusing pots at picturesque Piallago

The Treasures Gallery at the National Library. A truly extraordinary collection.

Bargain-priced flowers and herbs at the Old Bus Depot Markets.

A bit of late night singing, yelling or foot stomping to make ‘the Cube’ light up.

We sent Starbucks broke.   (Ping @canberracino)

Orange, fluttering flags on our broad avenues announcing the Centenary’s arrival.

huff.house.puff.house.your.house.etc… written in cursive neon on top of Canberra Playhouse.

Reasons 59-50

Kangaroos sleeping in the shade on Federal and Royal Canberra golf clubs.

Clouds, rainbows and sunsets over the Brindibellas.

Early mornings on the lake – when it’s so still you can hear rower’s oars lapping the surface.

@ArcCinema – bringing the best of Australian and international cinema history to Canberra.

Two degrees of separation shows random people’s close connections (mostly good!).

This year’s daily musical offerings courtesy of @CentenaryofCanb

The National Library’s neo-classicism, where it seems one could learn at the feet of Plato.  (Ping @nlagovau )

Air Force flyovers on days of national significance.   Almost the whole city gets to enjoy!

The boxy security huts dotted through the diplomatic districts. Almost as iconic as our cylindrical bus stops.

We’ve got our own coin! (Ping @RoyalAustMint) http://t.co/8MRDcrx5