Slip-sliding Away on Australia Day

by The Editor

Slip 'n' Slide 1

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Hottest 100 Day. Call it what you will, regardless it’s a great day to get a few friends together, crack some beers and tunes and have a bit of fun.

We found some enterprising locals down near the lake, who had undertaken quite an endeavor in order to put on a party.

We were told it took three days of scouting to find just the right spot to build a fifty metre Slip ‘n’ Slide. The location required a gentle, even descent, a flat finish and – most importantly – water.

So, Chris, Ben, Dana and friends have been working since 7.00am to rake the hillside in order to remove the sticks and stones, before laying down half a football field worth of carpet.  With the groundwork done, the real construction took place, with a complex arrangement of plastic sheeting, 100s of metres of hoses and gaffer tape.  It’s all very impressive, and the results can be seen in the video above.

To complete the ensemble the gang have the Hottest 100 and a large supply of liquid soap, for extra slipperiness.

Where is it?  Well, we’re not telling you. Awesome work, you crazy kids.  Have a fantastic day!