Young.Hot.Canberra – Paul Krix

by The Editor


To celebrate the Centenary of Canberra and the launch of the Gallery of Australian Design’s YOUNG.HOT.CANBERRA exhibition, The Canberran is featuring local designers who’s work will be displayed at the GAD from Saturday 12 January until Saturday 23 February 2013.

Paul Krix by Charlie White

Paul Krix by Charlie White

0.5 Paul Krix

Paul Krix is a Canberra based designer and programmer who makes jewellery using a self-written computer program. His mediums range from bamboo and plywood to acrylic, felt and paper. His work is often based on patterns that are found in nature, including crystal growth, moth wing patterns, leaf veins, tree growth, petals, and the process of reaction-diffusion which is behind zoological colourings/pattern.

This makes his choice of digital designing tool all the more interesting, though he also sketches ideas first to visualise them and considers programming as a kind of sketching. The physical designs are often laser cut, sprayed with lacquer, then fixed with their respective fittings to create one off or limited edition brooches, necklaces and bracelets. His packaging is also specially conceptualised and laser cut for each piece.

Krix has established a design company under his own name and future directions include producing acrylic and paper homewares.

In his own words:

In my practice I design objects that are heavily influenced by the forces that form the natural world, from the growth of mineral crystals to the processes that form leaf veins on a biological level.

I create forms that are aesthetically directed by these patterns, often digitally reproducing the processes that form them in code.


Paul Krix


YOUNG.HOT.CANBERRA. is an exhibition showcasing Canberra’s brightest young design stars featuring the work of Dan Armstrong & Nick Robinson, Luke Chiswell, Chris Doyle, Alison Jackson, Megan Jackson, Paul Krix, Cinnamon Lee, Dan Lorrimer & Mitchell Brooks, Tom Skeehan and Supermanoeuvre.

Exhibition runs until 23 February 2013 with Saturday morning artist talks each week at 11am.

For more information visit:
The Gallery of Australian Design
6270 1313
44 Parkes Place