LikeCanberra? Time to vote!

by The Editor

Like Canberra Logo-BLACK600

For those who follow Twitter and the like, you may have noticed local tweeters adding the #likecanberra hashtag to various observations regarding our fair city.  On Boxing Day 2012 the Centenary of Canberra organising committee closed of submissions to their website and have spent the weeks since collating the 13,000 submissions into 25 categories including People, Culture and Vibe and Quirky and Cool.  Now, with a fairly good idea of what Canberrans like about their town, it’s our turn to vote to decide the top 100.

Voting is now open, and you can jump on the site and select as many things about Canberra you like as, well… as you like!  Voting closes on 14 February (awww….love!) where the Top 100 will make a commemorative poster which you might ‘like’ as well.

And just to prove there’s a sense of humour about the whole thing, Charnwood made the shortlist.



We’re also running our own list of 100 things we like about Canberra via our twitter feed.  If there’s something you like that didn’t make the official list, drop us a line or throw it in the comments below!