Where to next for Lonsdale Street Roasters?

by The Editor


Since launching, Lonsdale Street Roasters has been something of a sensation in the Canberra coffee circuit. Patient addicts would form an orderly queue at the Braddon outlet, keen to get a daily dose of the delights on offer.

When demand outstripped capacity, it was time for a second venue to open – and where else but Lonsdale Street? However, with the commencement of the New Year it appears the operators are keen to spread their wings. This time it may be on a different side of the lake altogether.

A keen-eyed correspondent who was visiting Me and Mrs Jones on Thursday afternoon was surprised by the appearance of a particularly unique green Volkswagen Type 3 which parked itself on Giles Street opposite the recently vacated Terrace gift store. The occupants of the vehicle spent a considerable amount of time peering through the windows of the property before returning to their vehicle for a lengthy discussion that involved a lot of attention to the site across the road.

…this year the local coffee and dining scene could be on the first major upswing since the GFC.

The addition of a branch of LSR would be a welcome addition to the Southside, which has had to rely on Ona in Manuka for top-tier coffee. With Green Square in seemingly terminal decline, and all the energy spreading along the length of Kennedy Street, perhaps Giles Street is the next strip to grab hold.

Along with rumours of Sharif of Ottoman Cuisine seeking to occupy the corner of Kennedy and Giles streets previously leased by St George Bank with an expansive steakhouse and wine bar arrangement, this year the local coffee and dining scene could be on the first major upswing since the GFC.

We’ll raise a glass to that! Here’s to a delicious 2013!