The Cafe Formerly Known as Milk & Honey

by The Editor


They say a week is a long time in politics.  In the world of hospitality, ten years is basically a lifetime.  With that in mind, its worth tipping a hat to Miriana Cavic and Jamie Thompson who, for the best part of a decade, were the front-line faces of Milk & Honey.  On New Year’s Eve, the gang held a party at their Bunda Street institution, fare-welling staff, customers and friends with one last hurrah and closed their doors one last time.  It will certainly be missed.

In the early days of 2013 the keys were handed over to a new owner.  Almost immediately works began on refurbishing the venue – so what can we expect in the months to come?

Milk & Honey 2

Well, firstly, who is involved?  Front and centre is one of the main partners, Frank Condi, a veteran of the Canberra Hospitality scene and owner of Edgar’s Inn at the Ainslie Shops.  With fingers in other large-scale operations such as Suburban and Academy nightclub, there are few more experienced in this city than Mr Condi.  At his side will be Simon Hammond (Hippo and Suburban) who should be a friendly face for those familiar with the Northside bar scene.

The venue is looking to be more of a pub than a bar, with eight beers on tap and a high standard of food on offer.  We’re thinking ‘gastro-pub’ without actually using such a ghastly term, and the likely name is ‘Shorty’s’ which apparently arose as a result of some late evening viewing of a mid-90s Travolta film and the recognition of some of the owner’s… ahem, stature.

Milk & Honey 1

A quick walk past shows how far the new owners have come in a week, with almost the entire space gutted and new infrastructure being installed.  Work will power on over the coming months, with expectations the doors will be flung open in March.  Shorty’s will be another welcome addition to ‘Melbourne Lane’ that extends from the zebra crossing through to Honkytonks, casting a nice contrast to the sterile environment on the other side of Bunda Street.

We look forward to checking it out in a couple of months.  Stay tuned!