Yacht Rock – Christmas Eve at Knightsbridge Penthouse

by The Editor

  Yacht Rock imageCome Christmas Eve, the crew of the good ship SS Knighty will again host their Yacht Rock Spectacular.  For those not accustomed to the smooth and sexy stylings of white man’s soul, here’s a snippet from a recent entry to the captain’s log:

It’s all about 10CC, The Doobie Brothers, America,  Toto, Kenny Loggins, and the Beach Boys, with a hint of Fleetwood Mac and fair splash of Hall & Oates. It’s like a long, winding drive down the Clyde listening to 1053 2CA, a few buttons loose on the summer shirt, an arm dangling out the window, awaiting that summer breeze to hit you.

Yacht Rock image 2It’s a whole lotta smooth fun, here’s a grab from the event’s Facebook page:

For those who cruise the smooth waters of LBG during the festive season…

It’s the time of year when Knightsbridge Boathouse opens its pier to all to celebrate the joys of Christmas Eve – Yacht Rock.

This tradition harkens back to the days when Hall & Oates, a pre-Top Gun Kenny Loggins, and Michael McDonald (via the Doobie Brothers) ushered in a wave of ever-so-smooth classic rock to bless the FM dial. Embrace your short shorts and shoulder pads, your pre-requisite luscious locks, non-ironic boat shoes and facial hair.

So there you have it.  All the styling tips and musical inspiration you need to prepare for Knightsbridge’s fine selection of DJs.  There’s also a free barbeque to celebrate the summer heat.


Yacht Rock image 3Christmas Eve –  December 24th
Knightsbridge Boathouse
34 Mort St Braddon
Starts 7pm, free entry.