Redux – Farmers’ Daughter in Yarralumla

by The Editor

Garmer's Daughter Logo

As mentioned by Barrister Barrister, Farmers Daughter is uncontaminated by apostrophes. Sadly, on our first visit a few weeks after opening we found it to also be lacking in service.

Like parents forgiving the antics of their naughty girl we returned to the leafy shopping precinct of Yarralumla to see what had changed. Are we in for another lecture?  Armed with a shoddy camera we visited with an open mind.

Farmer's Daughter Exterior

It tends to be a breeding demographic that frequents this cafe during the brunch inch hours of a Saturday. Performing hurdles and swerving around children in three- or four-wheeled prams (or progressing on two or four human limbs) we found ourselves a table inside and sat down to catch our breath.

What first caught our eye was the number of staff present at Farmers daughter that morning.  A small army of bright young things swarmed the cafe in crisp and white t-shirts.  There were none of the service issues of the previous visit as a waitress swept away with our drinks order like an easy summer breeze.  Decisions made on what to eat from the limited though clever menu, we were content to sit back with a paper and take in the mood.  Water was provided in elegant glasses along with a carafe that looked suspiciously like a Chemex.  Was the cafe looking to introduce the drip filter fanatics weapon of choice, or was this simply a coincidence?  Perhaps we could have, should have asked.

Farmers Daughter Cutlery

Another lovely touch is the heavy handled cutlery.  It gives one the feeling of truly sitting at a country table, despite some of the rather urbane touches to the cafe’s interior.  Sitting at the rustic table the knife and fork have a strong presence in the grip – a feeling of longevity and quality.  It’s a subtle and effective mechanism.  You can read more about the general feel of the cafe in Barrister Barrister’s visit to check out the coffee scene a few months ago.

Farmer's Daughter Menu

Once the food arrives their functionality is put to the test.  In front of us sat  the Zucchini with Sweet Corn Fritters ($18.50) – served with avocado –  and Fried Egg Bruschetta served with crispy onion rings and a spicy relish ($18.50).  As a healthy option the Fritters certainly hit their mark.  A reasonable serving, they were moist and delicate without falling off the fork in transit from the plate.  However, for those looking to supercharge their Saturday, the Bruschetta that got us carried away.  It’s greasy, spicy, crispy and fresh – in fact a collection of sensations that set alight a drowsy morning palate.

Farmer's Daughter Fritter's and Avocado

ConclusionThe Prodigal Daughter has returned and all is forgiven.  If were to announce a minor quibble, it would be this – eliminate one or two staff members as well a dollar or two off your prices.  The bottom line will probably improve  (fickle, aren’t we?).  That said, we were extremely satisfied by the quality and attention to the food and environment at Farmers Daughter.  Get an apostrophe, and we’d be in love with this agricultural revolution.

Farmers Daughter

27 Bentham Street

6281 2233

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Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am – 2:00pm