Card Lust. iPhone Cards for Every Season

by The Editor

Card LustIf you’re anything like us, the idea of sending cards is a hit and miss affair. Sure, we have the best of intentions, and like to think we attend to the significant moments of our significant others with appropriate focus. Sometimes, however, we are simply stuck in a state of forgetfulness, until our iPhones’ calendar reminds us – inevitably on the day – that someone is probably looking for a bit of attention. With only a crappy Hallmark card in handy reach, and no chance of a timely postal arrival, perhaps the smartphone is our saviour after all.

At least, an ex-pat Canberran seems to think so.

That expat happens to be Elspeth Tremblay, who now has the good luck to reside in the grooviest part of the United States – Brooklyn. The Card Lust website informs us that after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts, Elspeth has had a successful career in the US working with clients such as New York magazine and Perez Hilton.

So, Elspeth, along with Gold Coast based illustrator Sarah Hingle and copywriter Felicity Loughrey have collaborated to develop an app with twelve different designs designed to get you out of trouble when you realise you’ve missed a milestone in someone’s life. Simply open the app, select an image and compose your message. Once completed the dedication can be emailed, posted on social media or sent through via SMS. Simply put their motto is this: write your heart out, every day.

Example of a blank Card Lust design

Example of a blank Card Lust design

Neat, huh? Also, this is cheap. It’s only $2 – much less than some trite card with a puppy and trite message likely only to send the receiver to the vomitorium regardless of their birthday/celebrations/grief.

Sure, you should have picked out something nice, written a heartfelt message and given the recipient something to keep in a shoebox forever, but Card Lust is designed to swing in and save you when that moment has well and truly passed. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

So, well done to the team at Card Lust. It’s an exciting little project sure to grow over time – and the cheapest insurance you can buy!


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