The Canberra Times Top 20 Restaurants 2012

by The Editor

The Canberra Times - AubergineKristen Lawson, editor of the Canberra Times’ Food and Wine section has nominated her top 20 Canberra Restaurants for 2012.  It’s a good list, compiling scores over the year and tweaking them slightly in order to create a true representation of where the restaurants compared to each other.  Some will cheer, some will moan, but few can doubt the Canberra dining has reached a high not seen since for almost a decade.

The high flyers (Aubergine, Sage and Ottoman Cuisine) are suitably represented, while the list is mixed with a few from left field (Thirst, and Ox Eatery).  Personally, we would have loved to have seen Smoque make the list, and have had a great time devouring the broad range of dishes form the latest incarnation of China Plate.  The inclusion of Silo Bakery will get some motors running, but we loved it.

What about you?  What was missed from the list.  Otherwise, what’s a great Canberra secret that makes for a fantastic meal without white tablecloths and encyclopaedic wine lists?  Throw your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s the list, in alphabetical order with the adjusted Food and Wine score alongside

Aubergine  17                                     Artisan   14.5

Courgette  15                                      Ellacure  14

Grazing  14                                          Iori  14

Italian and Sons  16.5                       Jewel of India  14.5

Lanterne Rooms  15.5                       Le Tres Bon  15

Malamay  15.5                                    Mezzalira  15

Ottoman Cuisine  16.5                      Ox Eatery  15.5

Pulp Kitchen  16                                 Rubicon  14.5

Sage  15.5                                             Silo Bakery  16

Soju Girl  14                                        Thirst  14.5