The Thursday Tipple – 2006 Pankhurst Pinot Noir

by C.A. Bonham

Pankhurst Wines Trio

It’s difficult.

Pinot Noir.

It really is… In our region in Canberra it’s a tough varietal to grow, where only the most talented wine-makers in the most appropriate vintages (see – warm days, cool nights) can create great Pinot Noir. It’s difficult, and we’re sorry to say that this: the 2006 Pinot Noir from Pankhurst just doesn’t tickle our tipple.

Months back we reviewed Pankhurst’s Cabernet Merlot and it held it’s own. The Pinot Noir not so much. Granted, it’s 6 years old and perhaps isn’t built to be drinking 6 years down the line. However, we bought this from a bottle-shop in Canberra and the Pankhurst website still advertises it’s Pinot Noir wares; so that’s what we’ve go to go on. It was closed and didn’t open, very delicate, gentle, inoffensive… but not enough of anything to spark our excitement.

Pankhurst PhotoPinot Noir is a varietal that needs to impress as it’s the holy grail for many passionate wine people. Pinot-lovers can be brutal (not like us Canberrans, we’re nice people) so there’s no room for anything less than high quality. We tried; we REALLY tried, but it’s just not for us. We respect that a lot of work goes into making wine, so we won’t beat it up any further. We are sure there are some nice Pinots from the Canberra region but for us… not this one.

We had some ridiculously hot days recently in Canberra… so it’s time for more whites and Roses. More Thursday Tipples to come soon!

Bon Vivant