CIT Fashion Graduates: KINETIC 2012

by The Editor

Kinetic CoverStyle and Belco Mall do not particularly strike us as mutual concepts.  Typically, larger shopping centres tend to overreach, telling us how fashionable they are which inevitably ends up an exercise in self-delusion. Certainly though, Westfield Belconnen should be saluted for hosting a wonderful event last Saturday night (1 December): The 2012 graduating students of a CIT Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) held a parade which demonstrated the skills and talent developed over the last three years.

Mercifully, there was not one pair of trackie dacks to be seen.

This was more than a gathering at the main stage of the mall.  Guests weaved down a concrete tunnel to a large storage area somewhere in the belly of Belco. The stark space had been transformed into a fashion show hall with a large square runway and seats on either side, dark lighting, a VIP drink bar and large round lanterns in the centre.

Kintetic Main

It was great to see not just the family and friends come in support of the designers but also the members of industry, buyers and lovers of fashion to enjoy the show. The night’s guest speaker Anthony Capon who graduated from CIT in 2005 and went on to win the second season of Project Runway in 2007 – a local boy made good.

Now to the designers: the show featured seven young graduates whose collections were inspired by a range of concepts: children’s imagination, old buildings in Melbourne, minimal waste, dance movement and music in 3D form. These themes were clearly represented in not just the designs, but the movement of the models, hair and make up, and the music chosen for each collection. There was gentle draping, clever cutting, sheer panels, translucent sequins and amazing patterns.

The highlight of the show would have to be Mitchell Thompson and his label Perpetually Five. There was a great mix between neutrals and funky prints, chaps, funky suits, brightly coloured socks (and especially the Perspex raincoat…).

All-in-all it was a fantastic evening.  We thank CIT and the Kinetic crew for having us along, and look forward to future success from the class of 2012.

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