Hitting Hollywood with Knave and Fables Designs

by The Editor

For a while now, we’ve been keeping a quiet eye on a little Canberra start-up called Knave & Fables. This is not, as you may initially suspect, a ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired cover band, rather the trading name of a pair of Canberra jewellery designers.

They’re a brother and sister act – Danielle and Jonny Day. In fact, for those inclined to the occasional libation you may have encountered Jonny mixing drinks behind the bar of a number of the city’s better bars. Things are really ramping up now for the local duo, with Holllywood actor Ryan Donald Robson donning one of their pieces for a casual stroll down the red carpet in the United States.

Here are a few pictures of Ryan looking all spunky and well dressed. You’ll not the tie pin, which is the piece selected by Danielle and Jonny once approached by the actor himself through their website.

Mr Robson, who has starred in well-known Hollywood series including How I Met Your Mother and Castle, as well as his own film Prattle. had a few words to to say on receipt of his piece.

“I love it. It is phenomenal; you have such a special aesthetic for interesting, beautiful, but still masculine jewellery”

The piece he is wearing is the Mycorrhizae Skinny-Tie Bar, the feature piece from the duo’s debut collection Knave: The Bronze Age. According to their website, this design was modelled on the sinking roots of a fungus – definitely a fact to get the conversation going at your next gala event.

So, with Christmas coming up and you’re looking for something a little different for you or your man, why not take a plunge into the past with a piece of local men’s jewellery?