Food Van Call-Out!

by The Editor

Right, enough of the ‘holier-than-though’ commentary – it’s time for a little community outreach.

This week we received a very interesting email from one of our readers:

Dear Agony Aunt (or: The Canberran)

Hello there.

Are you aware of any quality food trucks/gelato vans/churro vans in Canberra that would cater for a garden party wedding reception?

We’re having a wedding in March next year and struggling to find good local produce that offers a fun and no-fuss vibe such as the food trucks that operate in Sydney and Melbourne.

Many thanks in advance for tips or ideas.

Miss X.

Food – turned up to ‘eleven’?

What do you think, Canberrans? Surely there’s an entrepreneurial chef out there tired of the confines of the kitchen and looking to go mobile? This would be a great way to launch a business – especially now Brodburger has gone all ‘bricks and mortar’ on us.

Our correspondent, Miss X, has had limited success finding a taco truck out of Sydney, but that is an option that is neither cheap or local.

If you know of someone who could help, or are interested in the idea yourself, let us know via email. We’ll put you in touch with our blushing bride-to-be and we’ll all live happily ever after!  Aw…