Designer Op Shop Braddon – Opening

by The Editor

“There’s a new little shop in Braddon”

We’ve all heard this statement over the past couple of weeks, with the opening of new micro stalls in the Lonsdale St. Traders precinct (what was formerly a tyre shop and fitters).

The gallery-style BOX shop has transitioned to the new venue, and in it’s place is a dainty little boutique filled with pre-loved items.  Designer Op Shop, run by Daniella Morr (who we last recall was vying for Miss World Australia and in a Dress Circle feature) and her family, can be divided into two categories: fashion and glassware.

On Friday 16th of November, we headed along to the store’s grand opening to see what it was all about. The first thing we noticed was the flourishing front window – adorned with fresh flowers, hanging paper peonies, pretty dresses, and funky glass vases. It was absolutely superb and certainly made for plenty of Instagram moments as the evening sun shone through.

The next equally beautiful thing we noticed was Daniella herself, as she stood behind the counter with a beaming smile, wearing a vibrant frock and offering us a glass of sparkling or non-alcoholic punch (she said we could make take the punch to the next level by mixing the two!) – we opted for fruity punch without the added sparkles and it was delicious, so delicious that we went back for thirds.

But back to the actual permanent features of store. The first long room is dedicated to retro glasses, vases, plates, and bowls, and to say we wanted a couple of things would be telling a big lie. We wanted so many of these gorgeous items, which brought back memories of Grandma’s sideboard and display cabinets – the glasses that were meant for special ocassions but NEVER seemed to make it out when a celebration happened. It was nice to see that the sets and individual pieces were not overpriced either.

The second room was left for the clothing, shoes, and jewellery. As we filed through the dresses, skirts, and blouses we saw a couple brands we recognized but nothing too luxurious, mostly high street brands. There was certainly a heavy presence of mid-to-late nineties pieces in there that made us shudder with memories of Tencel jeans, butterfly clips, and styles from The Craft.

The dressing room even has a little parlour set-up for friends (or tortured partners) to sit in and critique your every dressing room presentation.

Designer Op Shop is just another great addition to Braddon to make it the retail hotspot that this city has craved for beyond the mega-malls and what seems to be a nothing-new-since-2000 Manuka and Kingston.

Designer Op Shop is located at 28 Lonsdale St Braddon

Words and (some) pictures courtesy of @minkyminky