No Lights No Lycra – $HAKE YA MONEY MAKER!!!

by The Editor

You may have caught a glimpse of No lights No Lycra in a recent appearance in The Canberra Times and BMA Magazine. Originating in Melbourne, NLNL is the ultimate way to let your hair down and shake out all the stress of the impending Christmas season. It’s on again tonight, so come on down and shake your moneymaker to a bunch of tunes about cashola.

It’s a simple concept – think ‘singing in the shower’ but with less chance of slippage and bruised buttocks. At an NLNL event, participants gather at the nominated venue at the chosen time and enter the dance-hall, which is almost completely dark. The idea then is you can dance without care or embarrassment, busting out those moves you’d perfected in front of the mirror years ago. There’s no dress code either – simply wear whatever you feel comfortable (heels are probably not suited this this event, but hey – if you prefer…!).


So, the important details are as follows:

No Lights No Lycra
7.30 – 9.00 every Tuesday
Corroberee Park Hall