Me & Mrs Jones

by The Editor

Updated Monday 19 November: Me & Mrs Jones is now open. Trading is 7 days a week from 7.30am.  We’ll have a review on the experience up soon

The hoardings have been up for months as the corner of Giles and Kennedy Streets in Kingston was gutted and almost entirely rebuilt. A week ago they were removed, leaving a burgundy facade with large black-framed windows blacked out with plastic to deter curious passers-by.

So what exactly is Me & Mrs Jones?

Well, we can tell you this is another venue from Soc and Omar et al barely one year after launching Public Bar to some hype. So ubiquitous have these guys become it seems only yesterday we put to the test another of their venues, Cream (Um, it was yesterday -Ed). So, in a similar vein to Public, Me & Mrs Jones is a full reconstruction in a vintage style. You can expect to see lots of exposed brick, a rough wooden floor and exposed rafters to associate the venue with the era of the eponymous song.

The cafe will be licensed with a good selection of wines and a couple of draught beers. Last we heard, the intention was to change the beers on a regular basis, which could make for some wonderful seasonal sipping.

The chairs pop with colour, brightly painted with classic curves. Overhead, industrial lightshades hang from the high ceilings perhaps creating a sense of intimacy in a very large space. Meanwhile, signage on the outside of the building is faux-vintage, looking as though age has peeled away its edges.

Me & Mrs Jones Exterior.jpg

But, hey – for now this all remains rumour and speculation. Let’s see what we get next week when the doors are finally flung open. We’ll be sure to pop in and see what the various menus have to offer.

Stay tuned.

Me & Mrs Jones
Cnr Kennedy and Giles Streets
6162 3355
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