Dress Circle – Liz

by The Editor

Ah, Spring in Canberra. It’s that time when we cast off the scarves and overcoats of winter, don our best sundresses, and race outside only to find that, well, this is Canberra, and half the time there’s still a mighty chill in the air. But never fear! There is a stylish solution to keep you warm on those cool spring evenings, as we discovered when we ran into Liz.

She was sipping a classy cocktail at Mint garden bar at Gorman House, and was dressed to match the venue in a minty green trench coat. She combined this statement piece with super sweet knitted mini-dress in complementary colours and a matching black patent belt and heels. But best of all her pink lipstick perfectly matched the pop of pink in her dress! She explained that she was dressed to go from the office to drinks with friends, and we think she nailed it.