Frocktales – the Frocktober party at Knightsbridge

by The Editor

Spring – clearly the best time to throw on a dress and welcome the warmer months.  The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation embraces this notion as warmly as the weather through Frocktober – an annual fundraiser to assist their valuable work.  On Wednesday – the final day of ‘Frocktober’ –  Knightsbridge Penthouse threw open it’s doors to all the ladies who had raided their wardrobe for the cause.  It was, in every way, a resounding success.

With tunes provided by Jemist, the scene was set for an evening where the good vibes continued.  Almost a hundred ladies attended in their finery, setting the room alight with colour.  Highlights of the evening included:

The Darling Sisters providing two roving models who incorporated Halloween with some rosey-zombie make-up on their faces

– the Tyrell’s sparkling was flowing and the ladies were putting their cocktail dresses to good use and sipping from Martini glasses

– Frocktober participant Cathy Milner gave a touching speech about her involvement in this fundraiser and the unfortunate passing of her close friend from the illness.

– Professional Auctioneer Mark Larmer from Peter Blackshaw Real Estate worked the crowd, educating the guests on the wonderful items which had been donated to the Frocktion Auction (he’d lost his voice by the end!)

– 13 items were auctioned, including dresses from Hula Hoop Vintage, Darling Central, Lellow Kids, Body to Burn, Next Hair, Debacle, and iTrip iSkip

– But everyone had their eyes on the FitSistas pole dancing party worth $700 – that was fought for and won by resident bartender Julius Yates for $1200

– The door raffle was called and the lucky winner was Sonia.

– Best Dressed prize was decided by asking women who thought they were worthy of the win to give two reasons why. While one girl said she should win because she was wearing her wedding shoes for the second time, another said she should win because she couldn’t find any appropriate knickers for the dress… so went sans panties. But the winner was Ms Fay Kawe who won because her dress was super stylish and cost her only $9 from the Salvos in Tuggeranong!

-From the auction, raffle ticket sales, and 10% of bar sales over $3900 was raised!

All in all a fantastic event.  Congratulations to the Knighty crew for putting on a great show, as well as all those who attended and dipped their hands into their purses again to contribute to the cause.  We raise a glass to you all!

(many thanks to Martin Ollman for his photographs taken during the evening)