Let it Snow! Winter Bites Back.

by The Editor

Wow, only days ago we were revelling in the warm Spring sunshine, filled with optimism and wondering where we were going to stash our jackets for the next six months. Then, in tried and true Canberra style, Winter hit back with a Thursday that barely crawled over 8 degrees. Brrrr…

However, images coming in from around the region truly show how cold it got overnight.

What a beautiful shot from @FrankRonaldson in Bywong:


Here’s an early image of Bungendore from Twitter user @garthmorrison

Image: twitter.com/garthmorrison

Even more striking is this Goulburn image from @Just_Incred1ble. They may have trouble getting to work.

Image: twitter.com/Just_incredib1e

@alivicwil shows us her Goulburn yard and a rather uncomfortable dog next door:

And another early morning photo from the Bungendore region from @stains77


Some unimpressed chickens courtesy of @Magda in Bywong:


More of Goulburn. @jolalalauder