The Milkbar: a Creative Space with the Lot

by The Editor

Updated: You can see images from the opening of Milkbar here.

Last week an email appeared in The Canberran’s inbox announcing a special little project right in the heart of the Kingston coffee precinct. We’ve long mourned the passing of simple, traditional ‘milk bars’. However, having read through the media release, it was clear this wasn’t to be anything close to a space that might serve you a Chiko Roll and a Coke.

Rather, The Milkbar – which is due to open in a couple of weeks’ time – aims to be a space for creative types, entrepreneurs, small business owners or any combination of the three to rent a small space to work, design, play and exchange ideas.

Renee Douros of Milkshake Creative – the driving force behind The Milkbar – describes it all much more eloquently herself:

The individual businesses we’re attracting previously worked in isolation. I believe having a space where we can come together to brainstorm ideas and collaborate is the way of the future,” Renee says.

“The co-working space means we have access to facilities usually reserved for larger offices at a fraction of the cost including superfast wireless Internet, 24 hour access to the office, access to a high-tech boardroom, regular community events and workshops and of course, access to some of the best entrepreneurial brains in Canberra.

Having inspected the premises ourselves over the long weekend we can guarantee Renee’s vision is quickly coming together. If this is what you’ve been waiting for, you can drop her a line at for further information.

It’s fantastic seeing spaces like this opening up around our city. We certainly look forward to seeing the outputs from The Milkbar in the coming months and years.