Position Vacant: Street Fashion Photographer

by The Editor

UPDATED:  Thank you to all those who made contact with The Canberran regarding this position,  We’re happy to announce our new photographer is on board and ready to go.  Stay tuned in the weeks to come!

With our favourite fashionista photographer @minkyminky moving on to greener pastures (namely launching The Elk and Pea), The Canberran is looking for a motivated and fashion-forward groover who is interested in trawling the streets of this fair city in search of those who keep us on the cutting edge.

The position involves snapping at least one Canberran of sartorial splendour each week for publication on TheCanberran.com. It’s all pretty straightforward, but here are some questions you (or someone you know) may want answered.


What does it pay?
Nothing. We don’t sell any advertising – we just do this for love (for now).

Will I be famous?
No, but you’ll have influence over what defines Canberra’s fashion (which can be much, much more fun).

Is a camera supplied?
No, this street party is strictly BYO (although we prefer something better than an iPhone).

So, just photography?
Well, you will need to engage the subject, but also we need you to collect three answers:
1. What is your first name?
2. Which suburb do you live in?
3. Which is the favourite item you’re wearing, and why?

Simple, huh? You can click here to see some early examples of what we do with the photos. If you’re interested, send us an email and tell us how amazing you undoubtedly are.