Coming Soon: The Elk and Pea

by The Editor

There’s been talk for a few months, though a Facebook post and recent tweet from @parlourroom it looks as though plans are very much moving forward to add a third venue to the Parlour/Knighty group.  That would a sweet relief to the Canberra martini set, who have struggled over the last 25 months since the unfortunate fire at New Acton.

Details are scant but we do know is chef Nick Parkinson has returned from London to Canberra to join the business and look after the kitchen side of things (perhaps his time in ‘Old Blighty’ has inspired the particularly British name?). Bria Sydney will also be involved in the bar side of things while keeping a number of balls in the air (namely trying to get the doors open on Parlour).  The venue will be more like Parlour than Knightsbridge, with a stronger focus on food.  In fact, the newly arrived Facebook page even mentions breakfast.

Put this up there with the new Lonsdale Street Roasters venue (with enough space out the front for a peloton of fixies), and it’s clear Inner North is home to Canberra’s more intriguing venues.

You can expect doors to fling open in extravagant style on Saturday 1 December 2012.

The Elk and Pea
21 Lonsdale St, Braddon
02 6262 6221 (for now)