Launch: Floriade 25th Anniversary

by The Editor

Floriade – it’s a funny old thing.  The mere suggestion the annual celebration of all things bloomy can set some people’s eyes rolling.  For others September marks an annual pilgrimage to the Nation’s capital in a collection of green thumbs and gumboots.  With an estimated $30 million rolling through the city over the next month, there are plenty of retailers, restauranteurs and hoteliers who are pretty happy to have it around.  The Canberran popped along to Friday’s launch to see what this year’s fuss was all about.

Following the theme of ‘Style and Design, Leona Edmiston is this year’s Floriade Ambassador.  Leona was the perfect fit, dressing herself, Genevieve Jacobs from ABC666 and a couple of models in bright, floral prints from her own collection.

ACT Events, having recently taken over management of Floriade from ACT Tourism, has even developed an iPhone App to guide you through the 800,000 square metres of gardens, stalls and facilities.  CEO Neil Guthrie teased those present by explaining Floriade 2013, celebrating the Centenary of Canberra, was already in the planning stages.

Even Jamie Durie popped up, informing the large crowd he ‘”went from hot pants to pot plants,” and delighted in Geneveive Jacob’s suggestion that like sex and shopping, gardening can become addictive.  It was all a bit ‘blue’, really – but perhaps not too surprising from an ex-stripper.

As usual, Floriade is free (except for the always sold-out Nightfest).  Over a million bulbs have been planted, and the gardens will change over the four weeks of the festival.  By the time TV stalwart Don Burke turns up to do some cooking and gardening, we were promised the gardens will have changed completely.

So there you go.  Get on down to Floriade (if that’s your thing).  The Canberra Centre is running it’s shuttle bus service again this year, so it’s an easy run from the City on the spur of the moment. Grab a bottle recommended in our Tipples as well as someone to cuddle and get down and enjoy the Spring sunshine.


15 September – 14 October

Commonwealth Park, Cannberra