Dress Circle – Erica and Lexi

by The Editor

“OMG Twinsies!!!”

Erica and Lexie were waiting for a Boost juice when we spotted them. We weren’t sure whether they had texted each other prior to stepping out the door to orchestrate wearing their Black Milk leggings, or whether they were secretly annoyed at each other for wearing an almost identical outfit. We thought best not to ask, but they were happy with their similar stylings: that’s what BFFs do!

The ladies are very on-fashion with the very ‘now’ styling of “Boots, Tights, and Something Drapey”. The BTSD look has certainly been adopted with great enthusiasm in the nation’s capital and it has maintained some longevity. Love ’em or loathe ’em, these printed leggings are EVERYWHERE and one can’t deny their eye-catching appeal.

You can find your own Black Milk Leggings here.

Download PDF: Dress Circle – Erica and Lexi