Watching the queue at the Apple Store opening

by The Editor

1000 and the doors open. The staff have counted down from 10 and the throng piles in.

0958. With two minutes to go the doors open and the staff run a lap of the queue offering ‘high fives’ to the faithful.

0956. Four minutes to go. It must be sweet relief for those at the front of the queue who have been here since 0530.

0953. All the staff are gathered in a circle at the back of the store receiving their final pep talk. The queue winds around the space previously occupied by Boost Juice, them all the way down past Country Road.

0950. There seems to be a lot of people here to check out the queue waiting to check out the store. It’s all rather post-modern but, hey, we’re a part of it.

0945. Lots of chanting coming from inside the store. Can’t quite hear if it’s “ONE OF US!!!”

0940. Well there’s certainly a queue this morning.