Is This the Worst Name for a Lingerie Brand?

by The Editor

We get a lot of emails at The Canberran. Some are from readers, some are from promoters, and some are a result of us subscribing to various websites both local and otherwise. Every now and then we get a little surprise – something out of the ordinary – that makes us wonder “WTF were they thinking???”

This week we had one such email.
It came from one of those websites that dump cheap out of season (or out-of-business) stock at discount rates. Follow the jump to see the brand’s advertising, and participate in the merriment below.

Hot Milk? Really?

Now, don’t get us wrong: we certainly agree pregnant women are gorgeous, and everyone lady deserves the right to feel confident and sexy through all stages of pregnancy – but….Hot Milk? Please, please, please? No, no, no!

So, what do you think could be a stranger name for a maternity lingerie brand? Put your suggestions in the comments and we’ll try to dig up a prize for our favourite.