The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree

by The Editor

Mac1 Canberra in a Previous Life

Updated: scroll below for a pre-opening photo of the new Apple Store

With only days to go until what Fairfax describes as the ‘most anticipated’ opening for the Apple Store in Canberra it is worth going beyond the hype of the impending arrival and instead pay tribute to the previous custodians of Canberra’s iGeek culture – Mac1.

For almost a decade the Level One store has flown the flag for all gadgets shiny and silver. Now, with the imminent arrival of the Apple Store, Mac1 has sadly (though wisely) beaten an early retreat and moved out of The Canberra Centre altogether.

We at The Canberran would like to thank the owners, managers and staff who over the years have listened patiently to our ignorant questions providing sound and sage advice in return.

No Genius Bar was required. Instead, a local style of service which has seen Mac1 open many stores both near and far was the preferred style.

Thanks guys. You were great. All the best for the years to come.

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The Apple Store Canberra on Wednesday 5 August 2012
– As minimal as it gets