Stop, Coffee Press: There’s a new café in Barton.

by TheEA

Barton workers, cancel your in-house coffee orders, and get your walking shoes on!  On May 31, we said:

The royal family of Canberra coffee is expecting another child. Confirmed by Harvest staff on 30 May, when 2-4 National Circuit Barton is finalised this year, the corporati will be queuing for contractor coffs a la Harvest/Tonic/Group 7/Kingston Grind. The building is earmarked for the Attorney-General’s Department, but we’re guessing the beans will bring ‘em in from outside the portfolio. Stay tuned: Barrister Barista will premiere with the first review in a couple of weeks’ time.

Things have changed…

On 14 August, we can correct the record!  Harvest may no longer have Kingston Grind in the family, but its latest lovechild has, in fact, been conceived in the basement of numero 6 National Circuit, the whitebread building sandwiched between the Kurrajong and the advanced-stages building site that will be the Attorney-General’s.  Not only will 6 National have its own café and bicycle store, but it has its own website.  How’s that for corporate personality?  4 National Circuit is getting a new café too, but we have no from-the-barista’s-mouth info about that.

Look how pretty it is inside!  Don’t expect breakfast – it’s standard Harvest muffins and banana bread, and some newbie-baristas, we’d say.

Oh yeah, and the name of the newborn?  Hideout.

Hideout: Barton’s newest arrival