Wobble and Daddy Issues Present: Zoe Brown

by The Editor

We ran a little preview of this Wobble and Daddy Issues event a couple of days ago. Who would have thought this meeting of minds could produce such fantastic results?

The most striking aspect of the event was clearly the designs of Zoe Brown. In the low, intimate space of Knightsbridge Penthouse models dressed in Zoe’s futuristic take on Harajuku chic dominated the room.

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In fact, the girls seemed to be everywhere, either standing on stage, obstructing the passage to the bathrooms, or mingling in the crowd. Add to that a looped video on the large screen and paste-ups all over the room featuring images from previous shoots, and we started to get a feel for what Zoe’s first boutique may look like: intense, busy and from the year 2050.

Fashion by Zoe Brown from James van der Moezel on Vimeo.

The inclusion of DJ Jordan Harrison accompanied by Emma Patterson provided additional atmospherics, and showed the benefits of using bars for more than simply music and booze. While some were there for the fashion and some were there for the music it was the kind of evening where everyone’s expectations were easily surpassed.

We can’t wait for the next event!

*A big thanks to Eric Piris of Red Photography who allowed us to shoot a few pics over his shoulder.