Zoe Brown Launch: Wobble at Knightsbridge Penthouse

by The Editor

Fans of the finer things in life are in for a treat this Thursday, as Wobble Design, unite with Daddy Issues to launch the local fashion label, Zoe Brown.

Wondering what all that means?  Read on.

From the media release:

A bright and quirky collection incorporating the graphics of her tattoo artist Rose Hardy, striking ensembles of laser cut leather that falls like lace and contrasting pastels in chiffon and denim.

The Zoe Brown launch will tie together the work of musicians, designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, models, street artists, the talented Knightsbridge Penthouse cocktail artists and every other creative type kicking it in our fine town to create an indulgent multimedia experience and a night out not to be missed.

The team of creative types at Daddy Issues has been running underground parties and providing a platform for those unseen in the Canberra creative community to shine, while Wobble has been on the frontier of an accessible arts/design scene with multidisciplinary arts events and a Canberra design guide.

The Zoe Brown launch is a real milestone for Wobble as it has been striving to achieve this degree of collaboration with the ambitious and optimistic creative team at Daddy Issues. We are all thrilled to be able to showcase local designers with as much talent as Zoe.

Cocktails? Frocks and great music – sounds like a dream night out to us.  Get on down to Knightsbridge on Thursday (26 July).  The show starts at 8.00pm