Jamie’s Italian: Very Soon?

by The Editor

Updated:  Ay Carumba!!  As noted by commentor Simon – The Canberra Times now lists Guzman y Gomez as the new Restaurant in the Canberra Centre.  We love tacos, so are far from disappointed.  Perhaps we’ll have to wait a little longer for Jamie to arrive…

In the 6 July 2012 online edition of The Canberra Times (See?We can do it!) , Megan Doherty touches on some developments at The Canberra Centre other than those we’ve discussed on recent days. One sentence in particular stood out: a statement by Canberra Centre management regarding a new street front restaurant.

Why is this significant? Well, apart from the fact management considered it exciting enough to mention, it’s been known for a while the Pacific Restaurant Group – owners of the Jamie’s Italian franchise license in Australia and the same people behind Kingsley’s Steakhouse – have been searching for ‘the right location’. In this instance (as mentioned previosuly by The Canberra Times) the right location requires street frontage.

Still, the question remains whether Canberra’s lukewarm love for chain restaurants will be warmed by the ‘pukka’ English brand.