The Apple Store?

by The Editor

Update:  Well, it’s good to see The Canberran and its commentors forming an uncredited basis for Megan Doherty’s story that made the Technology section of the Sydney Morning Herald’s website this morning.

Where’s the love?

Well, between Nick, Nich0las and a couple of unnamed sources it appears we’ve managed to confirm a Zara outlet for the Canberra Centre.

So, with Apple advertising via their website for retail staff in Canberra, where will a new shiny glass store be located? We think Jono M hit the nail on the head.


This looks like the only remaining retail space in the city with a size suitable to host an Apple Store. The fact staff recruitment is well under way suggests an opening cannot be too far off.

While yet to be confirmed, we’re happy to consider this a pretty good guess.

Nice work, Jono.


UPDATE: The placement of an Apple sign in a shopfront in The Canberra Centre seems a dead giveaway that the store will, in fact, be located on the top floor of that complex (, which will make lunchtime gadget dashes that much easier!

Still no official word from Apple.