Local Publican Chains Himself to Optus Counter

by The Editor

Laurence Kain – co-owner of Honkytonks and good friend of The Canberran – has never been known for his shyness. Let’s face it, you can’t build ‘Foreshore’ or launch a taco menu unless you possess what the Spanish would call cojones.

Hence it’s no surprise Laurence today took rather extraordinary measures today in order to resolve an issue with his Optus account…


You can read the entire press release here, but as the pictures show a failure to achieve satisfaction from Optus resulted in Laurence taking the extraordinary step of chaining himself to the counter of the company’s Canberra Centre shopfront at 1.00pm Friday 29 June 2012.


Security arrived almost immediately, and eventually he relented and left the store stating:

They might have asked security to kick me out of the store and called the police but if Optus can’t sort this problem out in the next seven days I will be back with my chain.

So, a valid (and hilarious) peaceful protest, a vigilante action, or simply overkill? Let us know what you think.