The 2012 Press Gallery Mid-Winter Ball

by The Editor

Updated:  See after the jump for a gallery of photos from the the event.

Well, tonight is the night. Once a year Parliament House plays host to the Press Gallery Ball. This annual fundraiser seeks to benefit a number of charities including Lifeline, Open Family Australia, the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research and many others.  Organisers will be hoping to raise at least as much money as is poured over the Kennedy Room’s bar on an average Sitting Week Wednesday.

Journos, Parliamentary staffers, corporate types and smug bloggers have spent months maneuvering and negotiating to get their hands on Canberra’s equivalent of a Golden Ticket. With numbers capped at just over 600, desperation appears to grow as days to the ball reduce. Meet any random in a suit at Public Bar lat week and their likely first question would have been, “Spare ticket?”

You’d expect Liberal Party staffers to be more organised. Perhaps the best reply is a loud and repetitive, “No..!”

The leaders of both major parties will be there, and you can bet your fanciest knickers activist organisation GetUp! will pull some kind of stunt, perhaps bringing a streak of jealousy the evening’s MC – Julian Morrow from The Chaser.

It will be interesting to se who’s stepping out for the big evening.  no doubt The Canberra Times will have their snappers at the ready.  Make sure you check it out tomorrow morning.